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I offer a variety of documentation services and projects that cater to every aspect of your technological and operational demands. I know that every client is different, so I tailor my expertise to your unique needs.

Read more to learn about our services and solutions. Most of the listed services can be created as a single implementation or combined with other services as a larger project.  Call for a quote!  Don't see what you're looking for? Just ask me and we can build a custom proposal together that is sure to suit your needs and budget.  Interested in a larger solution?  See my grouped solutions by clicking here.

Service Delivery Library Audit & Gap Analysis
Library re-organization
HIPAA Library Audit and Gap Analysis
Operations Library
Knowledge Base
HIPAA BA Requirements
Compliance as a Service
Search Optimization Techniques
Company Policy Guide
SOP Essentials
Application and Data Criticality
Backup and Restore
Business Continuity
Change Management
Continual Service Improvement
Dispatch Process
Emergency Mode Operations
Employee Onboarding/Offboarding
Escalation Process
Incident Management
Knowledge Management
New Client Custom Configurations
New Client Onboarding
New Client Profile
Password Process
Patch Process
Pre- and Post-Discovery and Network Assessment
Problem Management
Project Process
Risk Assessment
Risk Mitigation
Sales Process (New and Existing Clients)
Vendor Management
Physical Security
Finance SOPs
Marketing SOPs
Human Resource SOPs
Sales SOPs
Project SOPs
End-to-End Process
Post Audit Emergency Response
HIPAA Policy Guide
HIPAA Basics
HIPAA Privacy Rule
HIPAA Security Rule
HIPAA Safeguards
Breach Reporting
Access Controls and Validation
Access Authorization
Applications and Data Criticality
Assigned Security Responsibilities
Audit Controls
Auto Logoff
Backup and Restore
Breach Notifications
Breach Training
Business Associate Agreements
Compliance Training
Contingency Plan
Contingency Testing
Device & Media Controls
Emergency Access
Emergency Mode Operations
Facility Access Controls
Facility Security Plan
Disaster Recovery Information Sheet
Disaster Recovery Team Contact Information
Disaster Recovery Team Responsibilities
External Contact List
Information Security Incident Form
General Security Assessment
Incident Management
Incident Response Plan
Incident Report Template
Information System Activity Review
Person or Entity Authentication
Physical Safeguards
Risk Assessment and Mitigation
Security Standards - General Rules
Servers and Local Computers
Team Assignments
Technical and Non-Technical Evaluations
Transmission Security
Vendor Compliance
Information Syste Activity Review
Job Descriptions & Responsibilities
Workforce Authorization Process
Termination Process
Access Authorization
Existing Security Measures related to Access Control
User Identification
Minimal Necessary Access
System Access Authorization Form
Workstation Access
HIPAA CE as part of CaaS
Phone, Email Remote Ticket Support anytime
Gap Meetings
Phase Meetings
Staff Training
Monthy KPI and Metrics Reports
Compliance Update Monitoring