Why do I need an Operational Library?

As the name implies, the Operational Library is designed to house operational Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). SOPs describe how specific company functions should be performed and once written, they don't change much.  SOPs apply to every group within your organization such as Human Resources, Finance, Sales, Marketing, Warehouse, NOC, and so on.  The NOC escalation process is a good example of an organization SOP.  This library is often used to help onboard new employees.

Why do I need a Service Delivery Library?

The Service Delivery Library is used to house policies, processes, procedures, reports, logs, lists and so on.  This is "lookup" information used to resolve incidents.  For example, you would create and store Incident Resolutions in the library so others can refer to them with similar or same incidents. This is where your harvested information goes.  This is also where your Problem Management records and workarounds reside. The content is similar to a standard KB but provides more detail intended for techs within your organization.  Its a good idea to check this library before starting the resolution process for a new ticket.

Why do I need a Compliance Library?

A compliance library is used to house compliance-related documentation.  Its important to note that most audits requests are based on and proven by documentation. Your compliance library holds all of your HIPAA-related files and evidence and it is becoming apparent that you, as an MSP, have an obligation to document a segment of your CE client HIPAA requirement information. This library helps to ensure that your staff is trained and that you'll pass any audit.

Why do I need an Emergency Operations Library?

This library segment houses documentation such as Disaster Recovery Plans, Emergency Mode Operations, Continuity Plans, Testing, Member Lists, Security Breaches, Contact Info and anything else related to carrying out emergency operations.  Its important to note that these types of documents will by similar, yet different between clients. Therefore it may be split by client name or added to a client page within your documentation platform.  This is where everyone should be looking when an emergency is declared

Do you work on a W2 basis?

No. I work as a freelance contractor on 1099 only.  I carry my own PLI in the amount of $1 million.